cornrows & a PTL moment!

Yesterday my mom stayed home with 4 of the 5 while I took toddler to an appointment. I did think it was odd that they scheduled an appointment on Memorial Day. Hmmmm…So I was not surprised when I got there & the place was closed. HAHA!! Oh well. I did need to go to Walmart, so I ran to take advantage of taking just 1 instead of 5 kids shopping!

Toddler was WONDERFUL!! & I found myself enjoy this one, not just surviving him anymore. He is a sweet little guy, but we just rub each other the wrong way. I’ve been praying for the Lord to soften my heart to this sweet child He created & loves so much. & AT Walmart, He did it!! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful answer to prayer!!

So it astounds me that CPS can take away parents rights to their children, but when it comes to hair cuts….the parents have the last word. We can’t even trim hair w/o parents permission. It makes NO sense to me. This little one has some mega hair! & gets called a girl everywhere we go. I am allowed to trim his bangs, but I’m just not personally into boys with long hair & bangs. I’m just not that Southern I guess. Something had to be done though. ponytails don’t stay in, hair clips don’t stay in & contribute to the girly look. So last week I started doing something I haven’t done in 3 years…cornrows!! we get LOTS of compliments on them everywhere we go. & now people automatically know he’s not a girl. WHEW!! another huge bonus is it’s gotta be so much cooler in this East Texas heat than it sticking to his neck. They don’t stay as well as cornrows in black/textured hair. So I’ll have to do them every week instead of every other week, but that’s ok. it’s worth it! Wish I could post a picture so you could all see it!

I have to make an addendum to my post about the cascade licking event. we DO keep our cleaning supplies locked or at least in cabinets with childproof locks on them. I had the cabinet door under the sink open while I was putting some things in the trash & that’s when DJ apprehended the Cascade. cleaning supplies being available to toddlers is not an everyday occurrence at our house 😉

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