Another Goodbye

well, 2 weeks ago we said goodbye to our foster babies (#15 & #16). The homestudy that was taking forever on the only possible kinship placement was all of a sudden done & approved.  We were leaving to go out of town 2 days later, so the caseworker wanted to move them before our trip. That evening Robbie & I worked hard getting all their belongings rounded up, getting their pictures off the computer, in order, on a disk, & some prints ordered. The next morning the CW decided that when I brought them to their visit I’d just leave them for her to take to their new home. WHEW!!it was a whirlwind of 23 hours.

I cried almost the entire way home after dropping them off, then let myself be a big bum that evening-sitting on the couch watching TV & eating too many cookies. The next morning I had to move on. I’d had my mourning time; now it was time to get the house put back to “normal” & finish packing the 5 of us for our 11 day trip. the problem is I can’t just pack our stuff.  I have to over organize everything, clean the house so when we get home we’re walking into a wonderful clean home, & now I also had get all the baby stuff cleaned up & put in the attic. I didn’t want to come home to reminders that the babies were gone.  The big kids were a huge help. I should’ve taken pictures of all the stuff they helped me do. They scrubbed the bumbo, 2 high chairs & 2 exersaucers. (they also clean the bathrooms, & do a pretty good job at it I must say! if I could just get them to clean the blinds for me…hmm…) Getting all the baby stuff cleaned, re-organized & put away is how I process saying goodbye. It helps me officially close their “chapter” of our fostering adventure & prepare for whatever placement we get next.

We’ll probably never hear any updates about them. I pray whenever they come to mind that in their new home they are happy, loved, & safe from parents who continue to make bad decisions. I pray they are mighty forces for the Lord as they grow up & that their time in foster care was not in vain.

The day after we dropped them off I was telling a friend they left. She looked at me kind of funny, & said “well, that’s a good thing! right?!” It caught me off guard, as no one’s really said that. & got me thinking. It is a good thing. even if the situation isn’t perfect & there are several things that worry me, it’s not up to me. I’m not in any sort of control over the situation. & it IS good when families can be reunited.

So now we’re waiting! I’m back to keeping my phone near me ALL the time & jumping when it rings. We actually did get a call about a placement a few days ago, but it was out of the boundaries we’ve agreed to take. Saying no stinks, but we’ve learned it’s better to wait for  the right placement for our family. I’ve enjoyed these 4 days at home with just our family of 5. I’ve actually gotten a lot done, & have a good more to do…but I’m addicted to having foster babies around. Seriously, when people tell me over & over how wonderful of a thing it is that we’re doing by being foster parents, my 2 responses are: 1)It’s a wonderful gift God’s given us the desire & ability to do, 2)80% of fostering is me just wanting to have babies around. So it’s not purely an unselfish thing we do. 😉

Ring phone, ring!!




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5 Responses to Another Goodbye

  1. mommy says:

    I’m just curious how u had so many kids in your home at one time? If I’m correct with the two babies that just left you had 7 children. But I was reading somewhere that you could only have 6 total. Sorry for my ignorance, I’m still researching and learning.

    • rmljones says:

      In response to your question about the number of kids in our home, from Dec 2011-July 2012 we HAD 5 total kids in our home. I am not good with words & was probably confusing. When I said our family of 5, I meant my husband, myself, & our 3 children. We had the siblings (whom I called on this blog #15 & #16) for 7 months. That put us at 5 children. Technically we are allowed to have 6 children, but our agency prefers we only have 5 total children at a time. & we agree with that! 😉 did I clarify/answer your question? I hope so. I really wish I was better with words!

  2. Baylor Dad says:

    Hi. Was wondering what new things are happening in your home. I have read your bog from your first post and have used it as a resource as my wife and I were preparing for our foster parent license. Your blog has really helped us. Thanks so much.

    • rmljones says:

      Thank you for your comment Baylor dad! (BTW-My dad went to Baylor!) I just typed up an update….& it disappeared. I’m going to go breath for a minute them type it back up. 😉 let me know if there’s any questions you have! are you working on your license right now? I LOVE to hear other’s stories!

      • Baylor Dad says:

        Well actually, we are now licensed and already have our first placement. He is a 4 year old little boy and is a bundle of energy. All of a sudden we feel OLD. He is fitting into our family routine so far and he is a very sweet little boy. We pray for him and his mom each day and hope we are planting some seeds in his life. Thanks so much for sharing so much on your blog. It has really helped us so much!!!! You are AWESOME!

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