annual SC trip + Branson

This summer our annual South Carolina trip to visit Robbie’s family was extended into a mega trip!
Here’s a few highlights. Sadly there were so many things I didn’t get pictures of.

The last couple years we’ve gone to visit Robbie’s aunt & uncle who live on a lake.

Our kids have 2 Really cool uncle Jacks. The uncle on the left made an amazing potato gun. It provided some super fun entertainment.
Davis tried skiing for the first time & did ok! We did forget to tell him to let go of the rope when he falls, so he did end up drinking some major lake water! But he got back up, tried again & did pretty well.

Addie preferred tubing

Robbie always takes the kids on a little tour of the lake, looking for small coves on his uncle’s jonboat.

We also made a trip to the Congaree Swamp. It was very….swampy. The big kids had a great time. I….um…well….got a good long walk in.  My Father in Law always makes a swamp BINGO for the kids. so they’re constantly on the lookout for things.

We went to see Robbie’s grandad, who is 98 I believe. Also saw lots of other family & friends. we packed a lot into  our 4 days there!

Then we headed out to Branson. on the way we stopped by another Aunt & Uncle of Robbie’s who live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. with less than a day’s notice they made us dinner & had Robbie’s cousins come over for dinner. it was so nice! not sure why I don’t have any pictures of that. we got about 5 hours sleep then headed to Nashville, TN to see Robbie’s other cousin for about 20 min. next stop…Branson, Missouri.  (Yes, we spent a LOT of time in the car!! my stomach was NOT a fan of it. especially all the twisty mountain roads. they were gorgeous, but absolutely not fun at all for my tummy)

We were in Branson for my dad’s family reunion & to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday. I hope that I’m as spry & healthy as she is when I’m her age. She & my grandpa travel to visit all the kids/grandkids/great grandkids at least once a year. they are true snowbirds-living in Kansas during the summer & Arizona during the winter.

grandma & grandpa:

our family (I’m an only child. My dad is one of 6. we’re a Large crowd when we all get together!)

well, that’s my July update. haha!

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One Response to annual SC trip + Branson

  1. Jack & Jane says:

    Great photos! We love having you visit us! Please do it again next year!
    Love from A Jane & U Jack

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