Happy Day!!

Such a great day at our home!

DJ turned 3!!!!!

we celebrated yesterday since my dad was in town for the weekend. He had such a fun day! pancakes for breakfast (he only had 4 yesterday, usually he eats 5!!), macaroni & cheese for lunch, got a “Mack” car carrier truck with a new Lightning McQueen, a roller coaster in the backyard! (a small car that rolls down a plastic hill) & some other fun things. But I think his favorite very likely might be the Lightning McQueen balloon! he’s been carrying it everywhere yesterday & today. It even slept by his bed last night.

He has brought so much life to our family. He’s challenged me, helped me grow, & fills my day with so much joy!! (& sometimes tears!) He’s dramatic with his facial expressions. He can either be calm & sweet, or a pistol!! I am beyond grateful that he is ours!! DJ we love you so very much!!

Another reason for happiness today is that the 90 day waiting period for AJ is over!! (the state requires a 90 day waiting period after parents rights are terminated for the adoption process to fully start) Although I am NOT a phone person, I was VERY excited to call our lawyer today to hire her for AJ’s adoption!! She did DJ’s adoption, so remembers us. Hoping she can get papers moving along & get a date set for court soon. (hoping that we can do it Feb 6th, the same day as DJ’s, but we shall see if the judge has court that day. technically we have to have AJ in our home for 6 months before the adoption consummation, but if we can get the date close to when DJ’s was our adoption worker said she’d be ok waiving a bit of the 6 months)

& the final reason for happiness today…Routine!! I loved the Thanksgiving break from school, but sure love getting back into a routine! the warm weather isn’t my fav, but it did allow DJ & his little friend who I’ve been getting to watch some have LOTS of time outside. Outside time for the little ones does a mommy good!

Oh happy day!!

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One Response to Happy Day!!

  1. Marty says:

    I loved reading all of this! Thanks for posting! DJ is SO cute in this picture!

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